SaaS platform for financial operation

Jabatix is the state-of-the-art cloud banking platform.

What Jabatix offers

A scalable, secure cloud-native technology, thus providing you with a future-proof architecture fully focused on the topics of financial operation throughout their entire life cycle and across any distribution channels.

This future-proof technology supports you in your development operations – and enables you to stay ahead of the competition

Our focus centres on quick and easy configuration and integration rather than tedious implementation processes. Benefit from all the advantages cloud computing provides in comparison to conventional on-site deployment. Business agility can be sustained and continuous improvements guaranteed and quickly implemented if and when required.

Dynamic Software

Ease of use and speed are our main priority: Fully documented self-service environment with simple API. Your software development has never been faster than with Jabatix.

FlexFinance: Ready to go
Jabatix is also available as a complete turnkey solution: FlexFinance. Please click here for more information.
For a deep dive into our solution, please check out our online documentation.