Banking Platform

The Jabatix platform allows you to free up capacity, rapidly deploying banking services by solely relying on proven SaaS technologies.

Omni-channel Sales

Relying on our market leading components you are granted the possibility to quickly and easily configure your individual solution to process any and all loan applications – irrespective if they were originated via UI, chatbot or mobile app, etc. By leveraging the built-in Self-Service functionalities your customers are enabled to manage their running contracts themselves and to trigger various actions such as prolongations, early repayments, etc. – resulting in a significant efficiency boost for your organization.

Credit & Leasing Life Cycle Management

Any existing contracts are processed quickly, efficiently and to a great extent automatically for daily operations as well as for management purposes. 

All process steps required for monitoring and adjusting any lending and leasing contracts are provided out-of-the-box – including the detection, consideration and handling of extraordinary events and potential problems. Future payment and repayment processes can be handled with highest flexibility and be adapted to changed situations when needed. 

Extraordinary events include: 
  • cancellation 
  • collateral 
  • special repayments, partial repayment, own or third-party complete repayment 
  • processing of claims 
  • etc. 
Loan subledger and automated processing of any problematic transactions is also included. 

IFRS & Financial Accounting

The embedded Accounting Rules Engine contains all the features and functions required for the creation of financial statements. This includes the calculations of relevant ratios for IFRS 9 and similar.

Financial Accounting, Impairment, FINREP support a wide range of products such as current accounts, money market, fixed-term deposits, securities, derivatives and foreign currencies.


The ECL module calculates probability-weighted expected credit losses in line with IFRS 9 requirements. For financial assets with objective evidence of impairment, the module ensures that specific provisions and lump-sum specific provisions are dealt with in line with IFRS 9 requirements. 


Hundreds of pre-defined reports according to the IASB standards are generated automatically by the system. These reports are permanently updated without the necessity of any additional interface and/or software on your end.  

The entire setup comes preconfigured on basis of our proven blueprints. 

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